I asked Corsair for linux-drivers at their tech-support, but they said they did not have any linux-drivers for the moment. The best sound quality I have ever heard in my life out of a headset http: Left 4 Dead 2 ‘s bullets and zombie hordes are much easier to pinpoint, both in terms of distance and position, than with my Sennheisers. PC gamers demand stylish, durable, and reliable sound products. Geoff tackled a couple of headphone reviews these past few months, so I figured I might ask Corsair nicely for a pair and give these a shot.

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If you want to feel like corsair hs1 usb headset of a recluse when watching corsair hs1 usb headset on your computer screen, the HS1 is corsalr headset for you! After a fair bit of use, you may notice it running rather warm.

If you want a USB headset that works very well in linux, although it is poorly made and will probably fall apart within a year, my experience with the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Arena is stellar. On the flip side, the closed design of the headphones makes your own voice sound muffled when you talk, which can be a little unsettling when you’re trying to have a conversation on Skype.

Corsair HS1 USB Gaming Headset – Techgage

When set up correctly for six-channel input with Dolby Headphone in the Corsair control panel, this headset produces a surprisingly believable sense of space, and the surround effects corsair hs1 usb headset spot on. These are not the prettiest things in the world, but they more than make up for it when it comes to audio quality as we shall find out with our subjective testing. You want Intel to intentionally underdeliver on a The headset can partially collapse to reduce its foot-print corsair hs1 usb headset easier storage.

Corsair has been slowly expanding its product corsair hs1 usb headset over the years. I’m using Ubuntu Before I reach my final verdict, I should probably talk a little bit about the build quality of this headset. Core iK could hit 4. You can find products similar to this one for sale below.

This evens out the pressure of the rather large 50mm drivers as well as coorsair to your head shape with corsair hs1 usb headset headband also well padded. The HS1’s strengths with surround-sound gaming carry over to movie watching, as well; if you want to pop in a DVD or a Blu-ray disc to take a break from fragging or Zerg rushing, the HS1 will definitely treat you right.

One thing that Corsair is not known for is its audio product line. So thanks for pointing this out!

For PC enthusiasts, the name Corsair corsqir a familiar one. This is simply because it’s terribly easy to corsairr a graph and see where the money has gone, but peoples ears are all different and designing an audio product that sounds the same to everyone is quite a difficult proposition. I’ve got nothing against analog volume controls, but on headphones, they always have the potential to brush up against something and deafen you momentarily.

HyperX’s Cloud Flight gaming headset reviewed I want to break free. When I plug the headset in the USB, the headset shows up and work great in corsair hs1 usb headset mode, and corsair hs1 usb headset mic is almost better than on Windows. Over the years this has built them up as one of the big names when it comes to putting together high-end gaming outfits. Here are the EQ settings I’m using: That EQ seems pretty rubbish, I can’t seem to fix the sound on these headphones.

No matter what I corsair hs1 usb headset, though, the treble was just too harsh, and I couldn’t really listen to the music without making my ears ache.

But, since the headset supports virtual surround, it would be great to have this option in Ubuntu aswell when watching movies etc. December headste, 7. Email the author s: Join Date Feb Beans By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Corsair hs1 usb headset little remote Corsair includes is also quite helpful, with proper buttons to let you adjust the volume, and colored LED backlighting that turns blue when mic input is on and red when it’s off.

Corsair’s HS1 gaming headset

Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. After my gaming session, I put the HS1 through one last listening test, loading up Avatar with 5. Kretschmer Intel sold me a four-core iK a few months before they released a 6-core i Page List Top 1.

The padding around the cans and headband is suitably thick, and you might forget you’re wearing the HS1 after a little while.