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The CLPN is geared towards the office set, and certainly has a feature set to back that up. Another very interesting feature is built-in PostScript functionality. An astonishingly convenient feature of the CLPN is the inclusion of a built-in duplexer. We find the power jack, a Centronics connector for a parallel cable, a USB 2. The control panel and menu buttons are located centrally, but the monochrome LED display is not back lit.

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This is obviously an extremely clp-550j way to save paper samsung clp-550n printing multipage documents. Whereas samsung clp-550n printers operate in the PCL language developed by HPPostScript is a language that was developed years ago by Adobe as a method of ensuring high-quality communication between graphics software and printers.

Power data cables are also connected here. The imaging unit, samsung clp-550n is essentially a metal drum on a plastic roller, is highly fragile and sensitive to dirt and light. The small top cover release button samsung clp-550n the entire top section of the CLPN to swing up for installation of the transfer belt cartridge and imaging unit. Everything samsung clp-550n into place fairly easily, but the process is nerve-wracking when you are nervous about messing up the entire printer.

The design of the unit has been geared towards a dedicated print station, as the CLPN is realistically too large to keep on top of a desk, and too thermally active to be advisably kept under a desk. For the samsung clp-550n business or samsung clp-550n office that needs to print colour photos, this Samsung is highly recommended.

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The Samsung CLPN is a boxy looking printer, as are most colour laser printers given the number of toner cartridges they must contain. TechRadar pro IT insights for business. There is none of the typical color bleed that occurs with inkjets, producing an overall higher quality image than even the sharpest of inkjets. Installing samsung clp-550n is quick and intuitive, and I did not have any problems with that at all. Its box could house a sizeable TV and weighs a lot samsung clp-550n than most computer peripherals.

The CLPN is primarily made of plastic, including its paper tray. Another very interesting feature is built-in PostScript samsung clp-550n.

Samsung CLPN | TechRadar

Another big selling point is connectivity. Better still, the dry toner also prevents the page from warping, curling, or distorting otherwise. Weighing in at samsung clp-550n 70lbs and sporting a samsung clp-550n corporate livery, the hernia-inducing Samsung clp-550n is no style icon, but what it lacks in looks it makes up for performance.

As you’d expect from a laser, black and white documents look great, with crisp text and proper blacks. But for samsubg office user or insane home user with a need for a behemoth color laser printer, this is a juggernaut.

The bleeding of inkjet ink may be subtle, but becomes much more noticeable when compared with a print from a color laser samsung clp-550n other color print method. This samsung clp-550n can churn out 20 black and white pages a samsung clp-550n, or five colour pages, with a maximum colour resolution of 1,x1,dpi default resolution is dpi. Print out a large samsng image, and the results are equally heartening.

The whopping onboard memory of MB saamsung more than enough to handle most complicated documents such as large raster images, complex vector images from software such as Adobe Illustrator.

This is a serious machine, created for heavy-duty use on samsung clp-550n business network. But you know what happened?

With high expectations, it would be easy to be disappointed. Samsung clp-550n the first side is printed, the printer literally sucks the page clp-50n up and repeats the process. While its wrestler’s samsung clp-550n will clash with your chic Mac setup, the Samsung is great value and is as happy with colour photos as it is with documents.

Samsung CLPN Specs – CNET

Its use ensures error-free printing of production graphics when used with compatible software. About Us Employment Privacy Policy. The control panel and menu buttons are located samsung clp-550n, but the monochrome LED display is not back lit. Privacy policy and Terms of Use.

When enabled in the driver samsung clp-550n easy as a single click—the printer can print two swmsung to a page. And because it’s a xamsung laser, you don’t need to worry about draining the ink cartridges every time you print a large photo: This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on samsung clp-550n page.