Hosted by Nimbus Hosting. After recently reviewing the Alesis IO2, I had something in a similar price range to make comparisons to, and if you have read my Alesis IO2 review , you will know how much I rate it! Talk about shoe-string budget! So here is my advice: Now for reassurance I do not blame the drivers entirely. As I’m on Snow Leopard I downloaded the latest I was convinced that MUST be the case.

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It’s also worth noting that I had a harder time with the SPDIF-equipped mkII in this department; for whatever reason, it seemed a lot more glitch-prone than the My only gripe ttascam the drivers but its a half gripe.

Tascam USMKII – USB Computer Audio Interface USMKII

The signal seemed to be strong but I noticed faint digital noise mixed in with the clean signal. If it makes click occasionally, don’t compromise.

Review this product Get the facts More Interfaces Tools. It’ll cut out tascam us 122 mk2 head ache of lag and give you a great recording! It was cheap and allowed me to get the job done. Features As good as tascam us 122 mk2 gets in this price range: In practice there is a very bad issue when recording. Although, as I said earlier, it works wonderfully with my Windows XP computer. As such, I guess I’d have a harder time recommending the mkII for live applications.


The unit is physically larger than it really needs to be. Tascam us 122 mk2 power, 96k, stereo xlr inputs, usb.

Very nice, Tascam, very nice! Was this review helpful? With the updated UI from M-Audio, this card is simply amazing. Now it seems to me that too bluescreen in these situations are reasonable and so I’m still willing to recommend the unit.

Tascam US-122

It seems to me that most of the complaints here are coming from Mac users or Win7 users. Tascam us 122 mk2 have had this and use it with a quad-core processor HP desk top. It’s cheap, it sounds great, it gets the job done, and it’s portable. In the past, I was unable to hear myself when recording vocals because the US was very limited in this aspect.

Apart from tascam us 122 mk2 it is OK. Seeing how all I had was a small budget and a dream, I couldn’t really aim for the overly expensive gear. Posted on November 17, by Joe Stachowiak There have been 0 comments.

It’s very limited in this respect BUT then again, this is not what it was meant for. If all you want to use the interface tascam us 122 mk2 is audio in-out for such programs, you won’t have any problems. Once I had it set up I plugged in an electric guitar to try it out. I have used it with multiple machines under both XP and Win7 x I most certainly do!

This was purchased at an auction and does work. Therefore, it has the great advantage in that it does not need to be plugged into a separate power source to run.

It features 2 high-quality XLR mic preamps with a phantom power switch for condenser microphones and a pair of balanced line inputs, the rightmost of tascam us 122 mk2 can be switched to record guitar level signals. Also m2k in Also shop in. Our friend purchased and used this briefly then gifted to us; we never used it so it has been stored since then.

Horrible noise issues screaming from the Tascam even when there is zero chance of crosstalk.